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Don’t waste hours and days of your time sending 96% of unanswered first messages, order now a LazyBlitz to send automatically a Storm of Openers to up to 5000 dating profiles with just one click!

Success in dating is a numbers game, and this is particularly true for online dating. Have you ever experienced finding the perfect dating profile, perfect match? How exciting! You read all the bios in detail, took time to write and send first messages to open a conversation… Only to find out this person never replies to your opener. Or this person replies, but has moved to a far away land or isn’t interested to meet you. What a frustrating waste of your valuable time!

This is because average response rates for men who send a first message to women in online dating websites is only 4%. Yes, you read this correctly: in average, you need to send an opener to 100 different online dating profiles to receive only 4 answers. Often less. And that is when you do everything decently. If your strategy is to send a very silly one liner or a dick pic with a lousy dating account and photos, you’re probably not getting anywhere at all. In order to be efficient with online dating, you need to send hundreds or thousands of concise and well thought openers. This kind of concentrated messaging campaign on a dating site is what we call a “blitz”. What a boring and daunting task! A blitz takes hours of tedious grudge work stuck to a screen, that you can only achieve in days if not weeks… or you may just lose hope and give up entirely.

Average response rates for men who send a first message to women in online dating websites is only 4% – source: Josh Fischer, SNAP Interactive

Our teams at LazyBlitz.com got you covered and will do all the heavy lifting to send a Storm of Openers on your behalf. Order now at zero risk a Lazy Blitz for DateInAsia.com – future services planed also to support: okcupid.com, pinalove.com, and thaifriendly.com. Within no more than 3 business days after validation, we send a first message opener of your choice to up to 5000 dating profiles matching your search criteria and who you never messaged before with your account. Just sit back, and wait for women to answer. Then simply answer the profiles you actually find attractive: no more time wasted reading and messaging countless profiles of women who are not interested in you. Order now a Lazy Blitz for DateInAsia.com here.


Total game changer for my dating life. With so many answers in my mailbox in date in Asia, I have been on many dates. I have had some sexy fun in the process instead of spending hours to send messages without receiving answers. And now I am dating this one lovely girl who I really like a lot

Sandeep V. permanent resident in SIngaporE

Great service, I saved hundreds of hours when pipe lining first dates before my trip to South East Asia.

Daniel B. frequent traveler from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I used Lazy Blitz on a very specific search: profiles on date in Asia aged 18 to 25, height below 152cm/5′feet, weight below 50kg, no kids, in Manila. After a week I already received replies from over 400 different profiles. And still now, months later, I receive answers from women who reconnected on date in Asia. A few of them even gave me right away their facebook, instagram, whatsapp, viber or mobile number before I could ask! I continued the conversations with the women I found the most attractive and now have great sex with an amazing rotation of women.

Charles N. Digital Nomad from York, UK

Zero risk, no question asked 90 days money back guarantee!

Unsatisfied with our service? Send us an email within 90 days following your purchase at moneyback@lazyblitz.com with your order identifier and we will refund the whole amount of your order, no justification needed, no question asked.

We have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Why? Men from all over the world have emailed us their improved dating life after using our service. We know for a fact that Lazy Blitz is the ultimate nuclear arsenal for online dating. It will make a massive difference for you too.

Because of this 90 days guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now. 

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